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About Us

About Us

Turkey’s Security Solution

Nowadays, developments in the security technologies reshape our lives and our way of doing business.

In addition to this, as Han Electronic, since 2002 we are so proud to bring you all these developments and services and share this pride with our solution partners we represent.

In the course of time, our company has been an example of variety innovations, has given direction to the sector with emphasizing the R&D and has achieved to be a security solution with its registered slogan ‘‘Turkey's Security Solution’’.

As Han Electronic, at a point we have reached today which are products of many different brands and the solutions that are improved within our constitution, we will protect the values that we have together with our more than 2000 dealers in Turkey-wide.

Han Electronic will keep working without a break in order to to carry on the activities, give sector a direction and illuminate it in its own administrative building with its service quality and reliability.


Now, we are waiting on the other side of the line to make your life more secure.

Endless thanks to all who rely on us!